Why Can’t We Compost Everything?

Here’s an idea I had today. I can’t say that it is my own, you know maybe I borrowed it from something I read or heard I really can’t remember. Why can’t we compost everything? There is this amazing method to reuse nutrients and change the arguably invaluable into that of utmost value. What if we were able to take anything in life and compost it?

Changing careers: compost your old career. How about it? Instead of feeling bad about ditching your old vocation, the years of training gone to waste, starting at the bottom of the ladder again…before resetting your Linked in profile, hear me out. What skills can you take with you that people in your future career don’t have? I can imagine a few scenarios:

Nurse turned medical supplies representative. Who knows the medical field better and how to leverage sales than someone who has been working as a nurse? (okay, I know, too easy- teeball level home run).

Teacher now doing promotions/sales. Teachers sell everyday. Every good teacher that I’ve ever had has made me think for a minute or two about going into the field of whatever they were teaching about. No joke, I had a phenomenal latin teacher and really racked my brain for a while about what career I could possibly have with a classics major. I had some excellent English teachers who made me think I could be a writer (thank goodness that never happened). You get the idea, teachers are magicians at selling and not in a slimy way either. You want what they’re selling. It’s fantastic!

Bartender becomes a firefighter. You’re already trained to deal with conflict. People are all emotional and maybe violent sometimes. Also, you’ve learned that the best way to save lives is to always add more water to the situation. It’s really a no brainer.

Have some unpleasant emotions? Compost them.

Think about it, if we can compost feces (human’s not excluded, hello composting toilets), what is stopping us from reusing the energy in all of these other situations. Let’s harness that potential energy for our advantage!

Anger– so much energy stored in this one! I can think of a lot of farm chores that could benefit from some anger fuelling them. Go chop some wood, build some fence, weed some fields that haven’t been weeded in a timely manner.

Sadness– The first thing that comes to mind is to turn this one into art. Some of the most beautiful songs that I can think of are also full of sadness and heartbreak. Many a moving painting has tinges of sadness expressed. Sadness can lead to great beauty.

Fear– Rearrange the letters and you get fare. Fear is your ticket to the human experience. Share it with those around you in an open way and you may find that you are not alone. Shared experience brings closeness and I don’t know anybody who is not afraid of something. Fear makes you vulnerable and much smarter people than me have said that vulnerability is the way to closeness and love.

Happy composting!

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  1. Emily
    Sep 01, 2015 @ 21:01:35

    I love the idea of composting careers. I think that is a new one. I am presently in a career transition which can be challenging at parties when people ask, “What do you do?” From now on I will say I am composting my career. That is a good conversation starter. Thanks.



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