Nothing is Happening

“Nothing is happening!” I thought to myself disgusted and annoyed. Checked my watch again. Looked around the stuffy, dim, and sour smelling chemistry lab. I noticed some of the other students with pink liquid in their beakers scribbling results into their worn lab notebooks. I had spent the last 45 minutes painstakingly letting drop by drop of an acid of unknown concentration land in my beaker of base. Praying for the liquid to change color. Praying for the pH indicator to finally be needed because some unseen chemical reaction was finally taking place.

A few more drops into the beaker, swished the beaker, liquid still clear, was that a hint of pink? No, no, still clear. And then it happened, one more drop, swish, bam! Pepto bismol pink liquid! All that time and I thought nothing was happening.

I wonder if some people are better at this than others? I’m not really talking about the famously frustrating chemistry titrations. But, seriously, I think that there are people who, when in these situations, are much better at having faith that it’s all going to work out. They trust in the changes that cannot been seen, touched, felt.

What should I call this feeling that overcomes me sometimes (and I imagine a lot of other people too)? I know that change is happening all the time. I know that something is happening. Energy is transferred, things tend toward disorder, people age, old buildings fall apart. Change happens. Still, there are some days that I feel like my thumb is stuck on a page in the middle of a flip book and the guy that is supposed to be jumping over the hurdle is just suspended in midair. Just hanging out there, when we all know he should be in motion, the pages should be turning so he can jump over the dang hurdle already. What ways do you use to get out of the flash frames of existence and back into the flow of the motion picture?

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