We Have Not Cried Enough

I was watching this documentary the other night about Pope Francis and something he said struck me. He was speaking to a crowd in Argentina, before he was pope, he was responding to a shooting outside a nightclub where many Argentinians died. He was grieving for those who had been killed and said something like, “We have not cried enough. Argentina has not cried enough. We must cry for these sons and daughters of ours.”

It stuck with me, that response, because it communicated understanding of the loss on many levels. First, it seemed he was saying, look we cannot just go on with our lives and pretend that nothing has happened. We must stop. Really stop and grieve for what has happened and feel the loss life. Then, he was giving honor and respect to the families that had lost sisters, brothers, daughters, sons. It was an act of inclusion. We cry for your loss because it is our loss. What an expression of compassion and humanity.

I was also struck because of the emotional rawness of his statement. In a time where it is somewhat taboo to be seen crying or emotionally upset in public, he was saying cry. It is the right response: to cry, to grieve for lives lost. It was like he was giving everyone permission to be human, permission to feel deeply, sadness.

It made me think about other situations in our lives of loss. There is a mix of emotions when processing loss. Each person will react differently, no doubt. But, I guess what I’m trying to say is to not forget to cry. Cry in these times as an expression of sadness, as a way to honor what has been lost, as a way to release the pressure in your chest. Cry because we have not cried enough.

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