Tell Me A Tale

Tell me a tale about king Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, of dragons and princesses and sword fights beneath flags flying vibrant colors; Of valor and courage and strength.

Tell me a tale of pirates sailing on the open sea; Of treasure maps and drinking grog and digging up chests full of ruby necklaces and emerald rings and golden coins.

Tell me a tale of adventure and the exploration of new lands; Of shipwrecks and survival and building shelters with tree branches and palm fronds and eating coconuts and cooking fish over open fires.

Tell me a tale of ninja warriors stealing across rooftops in the darkness; Of betrayal and killing in the name of righteousness and then disappearing into the darkness as quickly as a wisp of smoke blending into the night sky.

Tell me a tale of the quest for a worthy successor, of travels through swamps and eerie forests, of foraging for food and the kindness of strangers in a strange land; Of finding the most ordinary person and seeing the extraordinary spark of humanity within.

Tell me a tale of the search for truth and the pilgrimage to a guru residing in the most desolate of places; Of the climb up the mountain with no name and of the storm that forces the seeker to find shelter in just the spot where the secret cave in the cliff may be revealed and the answers spoken.

Tell me a tale of struggles and hardship and redemption. Tell me a tale of a wizard’s potion curing illness. Tell me a tale of human kindness and loyalty towards others.

Whisper these characters into my ear just as I am about to go to sleep. Do it now while I am young so that I may have these stories in me as I grow older. Fill me up with magical tales of what is possible.

Tell me a tale of hope and I will believe you.

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