The Pomegranate Experience

whole pomegranate pomegranate guts

one seedbowl o' seeds

Would you take a break from your busy life? Indulge in a few moments of pure sensation? Would you do this experiment with me?

Take a pomegranate and peel off the outer rind. Then, extract each seed from its resting place where it is so carefully packaged. Have you ever noticed how delicate the white filler is with its perfectly designed dimples? Fill a bowl with the red jewels from this one fruit. I used to think the greatest indulgence would be to eat this entire bowl of seeds with a spoon; crunching my way through them all in a fraction of the time that it took to prepare. Now, I realize that is not the true indulgence. The true privilege is to give yourself time. Taste each seed individually. Take one out and look at it. Inspect its beautiful iridescent red color and as you place it in your mouth, feel the slight weight on your tongue. I can imagine the pop and burst of juice as this tiny packet of flavor is released in my mouth. I have never done this with an entire fruit before. Will you do this experiment with me? Will you eat an entire pomegranate seed by seed?

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